The Scots

In about 563 an Irish monk called Collumcille, or Columba, founded a monastery on the Scottish island of Iona.

He traveled all over Scotland and taught people about the Christian faith.



In the days before printing, people had to copy books by hands. This was mostly done by monks. It is said that St Columba copied no fewer than 300 books himself!


Over the years the different parts of Scotland united as one country.

The Scots and Picts joined together in 877 under the rule of Kenneth MacAlin. By 1043 all the different peoples of Scotland belonged to the new kingdom as well, which was ruled by King Duncan I.

Columba arrived on the Scottish Island of Iona with a handful of companions. He converted many people to Christian faith.


The Scottish kings had trouble controlling their border lands.

Norwegians occupied islands and coats in the north and west until the 1100s. After them, chieftains called the Lords of the Isles ruled much of the west. Along the southern border, war with England went on for hundred of years.


Duncan I only ruled Scotland for six years.

He was killed by a rival called Macbeth. Macbeth actually turned out to be a good king. But in 1057 Duncan’s son Malcolm, marched back into Scotland and killed Macbeth. Malcolm became king in 1058.

Duncan I became king of Scotland in 1034. He was killed in battle by Macbeth.


In 1070 Malcoln II was married in Dunfermline.

His bride was an English lady who had been born in Hungary. Her name was Margaret. The new queen made the Scottish court a fine place. She founded many monasteries and the Church later made her saint.

Margaret became Queen of Scotland aged 24. She brought many good changes to the country.

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