Raiders on the roof

Ladrones en el tejado.

El título completo: “Ladrones en el tejado (y una factura de 25000 libras para los contribuyentes): Unos ladrones torpes se quedan retenidos seis horas después de haber sido atrapados por la policía”

Descargar el artículo con vocabulario traducido ( Raiders on the Roof-v1). Ya sabéis los comentarios son bienvenidos tanto a la traducción como al contenido del artículo…


Phrasal Verbs @Raiders on the roof

  • While police worked out1 how to get them down, they made boastful2 phone calls to their friends and showed off the laptop and Rolex they had stolen.
  • After a six-hour stand-off they were [def]plucked from[/def]1 the roof with a cherry-picker2 in an operation that cost taxpayers at least £25,000.
  • Stand-off1: The thieves look relaxed as officers (ringed) try the roof window
  •  Pask handed himself in1 but McNorthey moved to the rear2 of the house, slipped3 and fell on to the patio.’

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